Top Ten | August 2014


August 2014

Let me say straight out….the music this summer is at best underwhelming especially if you play a Tea Dance type format. No song of the summer, no peak-type bangers suitable for early evening play. In short, no Top 40 club hits. Interestingly, there seems to be quite a few remixes of old chestnuts. That said, here is a list of some songs you like and a bunch of songs I like. I’m a big fan of tech house which can be to dubby for Tea and a big fan of the newly popular deep house music which is too sleepy for Tea. I feel like Goldilocks.

  1. MacArthur Park 2013 Donna Summer (Rosabel Mix)
  2. Chandelier Sia (Hector Fonseca Mix)
  3. Do It Again Royksopp and Robyn (Tikaro & Zarza Ibizious Mix)
  4. Rather Be Clean Bandit (Hi Def Mix & Danny Verde Motivation mash-up))
  5. I Got U Duke Dumont (Manny Lehman Mix)
  6. Boom Clap Charlie XCX (Cahill Mix)
  7. Not Enough John LePage feat Nikki Harris (Peter Brown Mix)
  8. Be Kind Stonebridge & Crystal Waters (S69 Mix)
  9. I Beg Your Pardon 2014 Kon Kan (7th Heaven Mix)
  10. Glitterball Part 2 Temporary Hero (Rich B Mix)
  11. Sissy That Walk RuPaul (DJ Ranny Mix)
  12. Call Me Blondie (Joe Gauthreaux Summer of Love Mix)
  13. Candidate For Love Horse Meat Disco (Joey Negro Disco Blend Mix)
  14. Doug Ya Wanna Boogie Doug Willis (Original Mix)
  15. Everybody Dance Dolly Rockers (Slideback Mix)
  16. Parachute Olivia Somerlyn (Escape & Coluccio Mix)
  17. Let’s Get Fucked Up MAJK (Extended Mix)
  18. Love Never Felt So Good Michael Jackson (Fedde LeGrand Mix)
  19. Sunrise Hoxton Whores feat Krystin Cummings (Hoxton Whores 2014 Mix)
  20. My Body Marco Santoro (Cube Guys Mix)
  21. I Wanna Feel Secondcity (Zed Bias Mix)
  22. I Was Gonna Cancel Kylie Minogue (Moto Blanco Mix)
  23. Didn’t Say Marcos Carnaval (Lem Springsteen Mix)
  24. Body to Body Boogie Orlando Riva Sound (Federico Scavo Mix)
  25. Gold Skies Sander Van Doorn (Extended Club Mix)
  26. Knock You Out Bingo Players (The Only Extended Mix)
  27. Aftermath Dave Aude feat Andy Bell (Ralphi Rosario Mix)
  28. Never Say Never Basement Jaxx (Mark Knight Mix)
  29. Won’t Look Back Duke Dumont (Original Mix)
  30. Hideaway Keisza (Original Mix)

One thought on “Top Ten | August 2014

  1. Agreed on all of them! Surprised that the Mike Cruz mix of Baby Baby isn’t on here. :-)

    That being said, I think DJ Escape/Tony Colluccio mix of Parachute is just out of this world, and my fave of the summer.

    Thank you for making my summer so magic with the music!

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